You’re about to discover 27 “sneaky” survival gadgets you can easily carry and conceal from authorities, the government, and desperate “sheeple” caught in the chaos and…

Dear fellow patriot and protector,

I admit it…

I’m a total geek when it comes to survival gear!

I’m constantly seeking out the newest gadget that will make me feel absolutely 100% prepared to protect myself and my family in any type of “instant disaster”.

It could be anything that threatens to harm you, like a…

… tornadoearthquake or other no-warning disaster
… gas line explosion or hazardous chemical evacuation
… “flash mob” riot
… even an active shooter or terrorist attack!

These are all real-life scenarios that have caught everyday people like you by surprise – and if it’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that you never know what the danger is going to be or when and where it’s going to strike.

Unfortunately, 95% of your fellow neighbors, friends, and townsfolk are sleep-walking their way to catastrophe by not taking the appropriate steps now to be prepared for an emergency.

Hopefully this doesn’t describe you, but…

…no matter how prepared you think you are,
I have a huge wake-up call I want to share that’s…

The Biggest Mistake Even Experienced
Survivalists Make - Every Single Day!

Look, I trust that you’re not like the average person in your neighborhood.

You and I both know that the typical Joe-Schmoe citizen doesn’t even think about how to prepare for a disaster, right?

Instead, they rely on the local authorities and the government to rescue them from harm and guide them to safety.

As we’ve learned from 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Super-Storm Sandy, Northeast blackouts and other emergency events… that’s a losing plan – one that could cost you and your loved ones your life.

But those of us who have taken up the “prepper call” to become self-reliant are the new underground leaders of the future.

We store away emergency food… and we believe in responsible gun ownership for personal protection…

But it may not be enough…

You see, the big mistake that I’ve found even when talking to “experienced” preppers is that they don’t realize it’s not the gear you have stockpiled at home or even your car that’s going to save your behind in an emergency…

…it’s the gear you have access to at the time!

I really can’t stress this enough and I don’t want you to make this same simple mistake, so please pay close attention…

While the true survivalist knows that having
a home filled with survival supplies is a necessity…

...In An "Instant Crisis", Your Life
May Depend On The Survival Gear
You're Carrying On You Right Now!

Think about it…

You can have a basement filled with MRE’s… an arsenal of AR-15’s… mountains of ammo… and your bug-out bag is ready to go…

But if a disaster or attack happens when you’re away from home and you’re cut off from your supplies and can’t return home, none of that gear will do you a damn bit of good.

That’s why you need to re-think what gear you have within your reach when you’re out and about on your daily errands… at work… at your favorite local restaurant with family or friends… I’m talking everywhere!

In the survivalist world, this is what we refer to as your “every day carry” (or EDC for short)… and it’s possibly the most critical step you can ever take to secure your survival and the protection of those you love.

You see, when I speak to audiences about how to equip yourself to be better prepared for a disaster, I reveal that there are 7 layers of “survival gear” you need to consider yourself fully “prepared”.

But the very first layer is the one most people miss…

In the survivalist world, this is what we refer to as your “every day carry” (or EDC for short).

Make no mistake – your EDC survival gear is the most critical equipment you can ever secure to ensure your survival and the protection of those you love.

In fact, I truly feel that this often overlooked layer of survival is so critical that I recently held a special “closed door” online workshop for my inner-circle of survival friends… and I wanted to share this valuable information with you right now!

Get a firsthand look at my own personal collection of...

The 27 "Sneaky" Survival Gadgets, Gizmos & Gear You Should Carry...

...Every Single Day!

Ok, I know what you’re thinking…

“Why would I drag around a ton of survival gear everywhere I go?!”

Don’t worry… the devices I’m about to share with you are not big and bulky… they’re not heavy… and for the most part, you’ll never even know they’re there!

 But they’ll be there ready and waiting for “instant access” when you need them the most – when you and those you love and protect are faced with a potentially life-threatening crisis!

Here’s a short list of the secrets you’re about to discover…


The gigantic blunder I saw half of everyone make at a recent "survival convention" and why it could cost these "survival experts" their very life in a real crisis. (p. 15)


Covert Clothing – How to dress to create multiple secret hiding spots that WON’T trigger people’s suspicions, where you can carry all your gear "at the ready"… but so discreetly and comfortably that neither you - nor those around you - will ever notice it's there. (p. 15-19)


The "bodyguard trick" to looking super stylish without sacrificing stealth and explosive mobility when you're called into action. (This is a really great trick if you're a "suit and tie" guy and want to be classy at work... yet "combat ready" for a crisis! Check out page 46 for this little-known trick.)


The 4" instant identity change that can throw off looters, gang members, and other hostiles who may be hot on your trail... or barring your path. (p. 25)


Escape & Evasion - Little-known devices that can help you escape your captors and remain completely undetectable on the run! (p. 127-136)


The tiny adjustment I make to every pair of pants as soon as I bring them home from the store...even before I wash them! (p. 16)


The sneakiest weapon...EVER! I once saw this in an action movie and had to test it out myself. I'll be freakin' works! I'll reveal this tiny but deadly 3" wonder on page 30 so you can tuck it away as your secret weapon against any attacker who's stupid enough to think you're unarmed.


The most common survival item that screams "prepper!" to everyone around you...and what to do instead to hide your secret knowledge from those who would rob you of your supplies or target your home for a raid in the midst of social chaos. (p. 34)


The tiny little sex aid that could be your best friend when bugging out to a safe location during an evacuation where you're cut off from your regular bugout gear. (p. 38)


The "cop tool" you don't need a license for... but will work just as well as their expensive, restricted version should you ever have to deal with unruly citizens or even members of your survival party. (p. 39)


Weapons, weapons, weapons! (I always have 5 on me at all times and I'll show you what they are on pages 40-46 so you can copy my arsenal if you like!)


How to plan for secretly "arming" your family members with their own covert prepper gear to expand your abilities and keep them protected from danger. (p. 47-49)

Why "The Covert Survivalist" Is Only $17...

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And finally...

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No hard teasing...that's just how we see it and you're welcome to click away right now and ignore this special deal.

But to make this a real no-brainer for you, we’re even going to extend to you a “test drive it yourself” Money Back Guarantee so you don’t risk a single penny…

The entire program is waiting for you at this discounted price right now for instant digital access and all you have to do is click the Add to Cart button below and after entering your payment details you will be taken directly to the access page to start your training.

Just promise me you won’t wait on this – you never know when danger is going to strike and you don’t want to be wishing you had one of these 27 items when it’s too late, right?

Here’s where to claim your copy now…

I understand that I can download all of the programs right away and begin taking action on all of the tips for how to protect myself and loved ones during a breakdown in civil order.

As per our agreement, I have a full 365 days to “test drive” all of the tips and decide if this program is for me. If not, I can contact your support team and ask for a prompt and courteous refund.